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Game: Unreal Tournament 4

Platforms: PC

Tools Used: Unreal Editor

Production Time: 3 weeks

Team Size: Personal Project

Role: Level Design


Obelisk is a Capture the Flag map for Unreal Tournament 4 designed for 8 to 10 players.

To the left is the moodboard for Obelisk and the inspiration came through picking Egypt as the theme, through this I decided to initially have three different types of areas that are easy distinguishable while playing a match.

Early on, I wanted to have a type of inside area like a temple be the flag room, the forward defending area to have set pillars in an open area and the middle to have an oasis. However, I replaced the oasis part with an obelisk which would be prominent and easily seen in the middle arena.

The goal of Obelisk is to present the player with a different theme with a variety of open and closed off clear distinct areas with close quarter combat and an emphasis on movement and juking, outsmarting other players. It is designed to cater to both new and veteran players without having to compromise.

To the right is the middle arena and features the Obelisk in the middle with a UDamage powerup inside of it. The sides of the arena have angular features to allow players to run from one side to the other without stopping, or to get up on the pillars next to the Obelisk.

There are two elevators here for new players to use, water beneath to negate any fall damage but also to give other players a hint with the sound it makes.

On each side there is a somewhat hidden entrance which leads to a small side area called secret which connects with the outside area.

There are a total of three entrances to each base and the flag is clearly visible from the biggest and most open entrance seen to the left. This approach is the easiest and leads straight up to the flag but is also the most risky, it was inspired by the Grand Gallery which can be found in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The entrance to the right inside the base leads to the only basement type area for each base which in turn leads to the forward defending area with a clear contrast between the dark inside of the basement to the clear and open outside area that connects to several other areas.

The last entrance from the base is on the left and is a smaller and shorter route with an outside area into an inside area, unlike the other entrance this one immediately connects to the forward defending area with the ramp and hallway, giving more options closer to the base.

I spent some time on placing all of the health, armor and ammo pickups in a way that would either lead the player while they run past an area or sometimes force the player to take an extra small little detour to gain that little something that goes a long way.

The pickups I spent the most time on though are all of the weapons, I made sure that the weapons are somewhat spread out but still on the side of each team and the spawns within the base always puts a player close to and facing a weapon whenever they spawn.

Furthermore, after deciding where the weapons spawn I also spent a bit of time on what weapons should spawn where, spreading the better weapons out on different sides so the player has to commit to one side if they want a particular weapon. On the right is the rocket launcher, here you can come from secret and teleport to go to the outside area and grab the weapon at the same time, if you come from outside you can slide into secret and grab the weapon at the same time.


The open world nature of this game gave me perhaps the biggest challenge which led me to take a different approach to level design I haven’t done before. With this new approach, the core of the level was quite quick to take form and allowed me to give the player freedom of choice. It also gave me the ability to place and script things in the world for the player to interact with depending on how they move throughout the level.

Level Design Document