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Kristoffer Lövgren

Level Design & Scripting

Notable Skills


Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Source

Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya

Perforce, SVN

Agile, Scrum

C#, Blueprint

Hello! My name is Kristoffer Lövgren and I am currently employed as a Level Designer at Starbreeze in Stockholm, Sweden.
I have studied as a 3D Artist at Playground Squad and more recently Game Design at FutureGames.
My studies give me the ability to further deepen my knowledge in the field of Game Design but also game development as a whole.

I have a natural interest in learning new technology and systems, thus my vast knowledge into various game engines out there.
Working hard and focusing on the task in hand is my jam while being open for any changes and discussions that might arise.

Before I started studying, I not only played a lot of games as your typical gamer will do, but I also found a great joy in putting my time and effort into making my own levels and models as early as 2000 with the goldsrc engine.

I always see the serious part of the task at hand and make sure to do everything I can do to make it happen.
Still, I have a sense of humour that might seem weird at first but I am indeed open for anything.
Not the most social of people since analyzing and problem solving is what I do, however I will tell you what I think.
I have experience in leading others and am not afraid of taking responsibilities.