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Game: PAYDAY: Crime War

Platforms: Android, iOs

Tools Used: Unity

Production Time (Personal): 7 months

Team Size: ~30

Role: Level Design


PAYDAY: Crime War is a 4v4 first person shooter on mobile devices, letting players take the role as a cop or heister, with the goal of opening or defending safes in familiar PAYDAY2 locales.

Base Game
There were many aspects I took into consideration when making said levels for PAYDAY: Crime War; such as using an environment easily recognizable for players of PAYDAY2, have the level perform well on mobile (navigating and performance) and making sure the level was well balanced and have fun elements to them.

Diamond Store

With this being my first real level for the game, it was important to me to pick a very iconic environment to the PAYDAY universe and a Diamond Store was a great fit for this.

My goal for this level was to create a simple yet interesting layout which would allow for close-quarter combat and quick flanking. I also wanted to reward players who are familiar with the game and dare to take risks.

The level concists of two levels; the bottom floor with two normal safes to the sides and the top floor with the premium safe in the middle (as seen on the left).

This setup was found to be the most fun in playtests and allowed for the level to be very well balanced while being fun to navigate around.

Post-Mortem (Diamond Store)

Going back to Unity felt like home and I could quickly apply the framework we’ve made for levels to start designing a level with two floors. There were more locations for safes in this level but it was ultimately deemed that this one setup worked the best, however I would have wanted to expand and iterate the level more to allow for more randomized locations of the safes.