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Genre: 3D Platformer

Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Role: Level Design

Tools Used: Unreal Engine 4

Production Time: 3 weeks ( without polish )


Time Trial – Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass is a challenging time trial level, set above the clouds on the mountain tops of Clover Island,
giving the player a high sense of vertigo and danger.

As I went into this project, I knew exactly that I wanted to use the mountain assets and placing the whole play area above the clouds of the whole game, something that had been barely explored in the singleplayer portion of the game.

With the theme set, I decided to go for a simple but clear layout, having three different paths with varying difficulty and intersecting with each other half-way through to give the player some breathing space but also the chance to pick a different path.

To the left is the view from when the player starts the level, with the end goal straight ahead of them. Here they can also see the three different paths, the easiest and longest one to the right, the medium but somewhat quick on the left and the hardest and fastest one in the middle.

As previously mentioned, about halfway through the level, the player arrives at a crossroad where all of the different paths meet up.

I added this part to give the player a chance to have a small breather from what they have done so far but also give them a chance to change the path they are taking. 

The player is also given another overview of the different paths from this point on, with the hardest one being the in the middle and most obvious while the easiest one is, just as previously, longer and contains a variety enemies.

The big and colorful door at the very end of the level, this piece was very important for me to make sure that the player would be able to see throughout the level.

As previously mentioned, going through the hardest path of the level gets the player to the end the quickest, the hard path is a bit slower while the easy path is the slowest of them all.

At the very end the player is presented with a timer and reward, if they took the hardest path the reward is even greater.


The challenge to make a time trial level was quite fun as it really stood out from the rest of the game, having to follow certain criterias from the makers of the game. I got to be very creative with the environment and designing a level that would cater to all players. I got a better understanding of pacing for a platformer and how to combine certain mechanics to make for a different experience throughout the level that made all paths enjoyable to play.